Cloud biometric access control solutions

Cloud-based biometric (face/palm/fingerprint) time attendance and access solutions that can be managed in real time on both PC and mobile as well as easy to integrate with any system via web API/SDK.

Suitable for companies that want to regulate checkin/checkout movements through the door or turnstile.

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Cloud solution main advantages

Manage devices with Apps or through API
Smart terminals allow both integration with API and provide real-time overview of movements. Devices can be connected to doors, turnstiles or external readers
No need for an administrator
Save time and administrative costs for administrators or security staff. The system operates continuously 24/7 and it is managable remotely. In addition, you can use apps to remotely allow a person to enter through a door or turnstile.
Check the total number of people entering
Due to any restrictions related to COVID-19 and / or other company safety requirements, it is possible to check the number of people who are entered
Convenient and fast user experience
After uploading user credentials (faces / passwords / card numbers), access are available to them immediately.
Customizable and secure access
We are using AWS cloud services to provide secure access and control everywhere. Ability to create a list of access times and a full schedule for when users can access the terminal.
Live overview and offline mode
Can receive real-time (checkin / out) inquiries and notifications by using web or mobile applications. Internet connection is only nessesary to update device information remotely. After that terminals works without internet to avoid possible downtime.

Face recognition terminal advantages

Body temperature measurement
For the protection / well-being of the team - you can limit access for people who are ill. It helps to limit the spread of both COVID-19 and other viral infections. However, entrants will notify if they have a fever.
Also detects with a mask
Mask detection sensors and body temperature measurement helps to prevent the spread of diseases, viruses, infections, including COVID-19 .
Various identification options
In addition to face detection, you can apply palm, fingerprint, passcode and card readers: all in one
Convenient and fast user experience
Once users, clients, colleagues have been added to the database with authentication methods, it only takes a few seconds for people to enter the premises.
More security layers
Terminals does not require any excess cards, code or apps that can be shared or copied for authentication. Ability to create multi-level authentication with palm, face, fingerprint, code and cards. Anti-spoof algorithm for Face Detection Against Fake Photos and Video Attack
Operational and weatherproof
Devices that work both outdoors and indoors: between -30 ....... + 60 ° C

Case study

We needed to create a 24/7 fully automated hall where there would be no need for an administrator to serve customers and print passcards.
Gatenets allows users to create a face-to-face access account through the booking environment so that they can come and play for the booked time. Also, multiple people can't come and play with the same code or card.
Because we used the Booklux booking system in the past, it was a great solution to automate our access and save money.

Fredi V.

Viimsi Tennisekeskus

Video - how it works

API Integration example

Booking system

In cooperation with Booklux's booking system, booking system can now offer an administrator-free complete solution, where customers can create an access account with their own face image on the devices and use the service at the time of booking. The access device can be connected to both the turnstile and the door. There is no need for redundant cards or codes that can be shared by everyone. The solution is ideal for fitness clubs and tennis centers, for example.


Pricing options

Device prices do not include services, ask for a personal offer

Device Management Apps

€ 2.5 +vat / per month
Apps for PC and mobile (Android/iOS/Web)

Device Management API

€ 3.5 +vat / per month
Users, schedule management integration

Time attendance API

€ 2 +vat / per month
Real time checkin / out queries + webhook

Device prices

The suitable device model depends on your needs

Smart terminals starts from 399€

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